Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is a good birthday gift to give to a friend who is almost 14 and under $30?

Q. She is a dancer (pretty much every kind of dance) and has a swimming pool, if that gives you any more ideas.

A. how about a cute purse or shirt?

What gift do I get someone who loves the Olympics?
Q. I have a friend who loves the Olympics (especially Olympics trivia) and his birthday is coming up. Any ideas on what I should get him? Preferably something 30 dollars or under.

A. I would get him a book or two on Olympics history or trivia.

How much money should I spend on my Son's first birthday?
Q. I was thinking about spending about $100 on 1 big gift (Fisher price gymnastics bounce and spin zebra), and 4-5 smaller gifts (Peek-a-boo Monkey jack-in-the-box, and some others), and spending about $50 on the fixings for red velvet cupcakes, and decorations. What do you think?

A. Walmart makes great Cakes and Cupcakes. My son had a Spongebob theme. The cake had Spongebob and Patrick on there, They were like 4 inches tall, like the size of a smaller action figure and tons of color. Under $20 for the theme cakes and it is a 1/4 sheet cake. feeds like 20 or less. You can also get a smaller theme cake and cup-cake combo. That is under $20 and it is about 12 cup-cakes and med size round cake. Or even better for his brothers first B-Day we got a 30 cup-cake cake and that had an elmo theme all the charecters on it with tons of color too. It is 30 cup-cakes and it can be a 6cup-cake by 5 cup-cake or any shape you want, but it looks like a cake and is made out of all cup-cakes you can pull away from the whole mass of cup-cakes. Price is great there for B-Day stuff, but we usually get a giant balloon and some regular smaller ones from the local party store. We got a Dora balloon for his 2 year old "girl" friends B-Day and it was bigger than her. All the guests loved that idea too, Kids love balloons.
He's one, but he only has one first Birthday and it is once a year for birthdays it's not like he has a birthday every month. Like all the other holidays, they only come once a year so make the best out of them. I am not saying go out and spend $800 on a first b-day but get what you think he would really like or what you would really like him to have. It's an unforgettable event and it only will happen once, make the most out of it.

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