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What to give a 19 year old girl for her birthday?

Q. My friend is having a birthday soon and I need to give her a gift. The problem: I have no idea. Brainstorming session is in place. Oh and I'm looking at spending around $20-$40.

A. probably a card and a teddy bear. have fun man.

Christmas present for 19 year old boyfriend?
Q. Here's some ideas I have came up with. If you have any other ideas let me know! Opinions on my ideas so far would be great too!

Cologne- Unforgivable By Sean John (friends say it smells amazing)

Underarmour or Nike Hoodie??

Orange Dr. Dre Beats? (orange is his favorite color, but would orange be too girly??)

Along with one of these gifts, im going to bake him these things called slutty brownies. They are a layer of cookie dough, oreos, then brownie mix. All baked into 1 dessert.

A. A scrapbook! this thing was huuuge lol...40 pages. if you don't wanna go that in depth, try cologne, a food/candy basket, clothes, gift cards, electronics. i once got my boyfriend an engraved chain, this year i'm getting him a Swarovski men's bracelet. i got him a jersey for a birthday, a pittsburgh penguins pillow pet, bball shorts and teeshirts once cause that's what he needed, gag holiday boxers. i usually just get a few gifts, like one big gift and then a few small ones. framed pictures are usually nice too.
you know him better than we do, it would depend on how long you guys have been together and how much you're willing to spend. i've been with my guy for 3 years so i'm willing to spend a little more. just try and think of what he likes and go from there!

this is the bracelet i'm getting my boy for xmas:,_L.html?WT_oss=rapid%20chain%20link&WT_oss_r=1
manly but not overwhelming!

gifts are about the thought, i'm sure he'll love anything you get him! good luck! (:

How do I prepare a chicken?
Q. How does one go from a live chicken to a chicken soup?
I'd be interested in both internet links, or even better, personal experience.
I've got a chicken here, and i'd like to make some soup.
well, thanks.

A. Hi,
I've never killed a chicken myself, but I have watched it being done. When I was a kid, my dad's cousin Joe used to kill chickens on an old tree stump. All the innards went into a clay pipe, including the feet. He'd scald the chickens in a pot of almost boiling water, pluck them, and then his wife would prepare them for dinner.
Later in life, I had a friend who used to kill chickens by hanging them in a kill cone. She'd cut off their heads, let the blood drain well into a bucket, dip in water that was around 180 degrees, and then pluck them clean. I have helped pluck them clean.
I left some resources for you to look at to give you an idea of what to do. I know I learn best by reading and/or watching as I am a hands-on learner.
You also need to know the age of your bird so you will know the appropriate way to cook him when he's dressed out. If young, he's good for frying, but if old, then the stew pot for him! Either way, he'll taste mighty fine.
Back in the 70's & early 80's (like 1975-1981), I lived in a small town (the kind if you blink you'd miss it), and the owner of the little store would always let me know when he was going to have hens to butcher. I would get them for .49c a pound and they were the fattest and best tasting chickens I could get for the money. The stores at the time wanted around .59c a pound, and their chickens weren't nearly as tasty nor as fat. These chickens from this farmer/grocer had yellow fat all on the backsides and butt area. They made the best stews, chicken and dumplings, and chicken with homemade noodles. YUM!
That man is long dead and I haven't had a good fresh home-killed chicken in over 10 years.
I have the best story! Ten years ago this November, I was turning 40 years old, and a new friend, one whom I had met just that year, called me up and told me she wanted to give me a present for my birthday; would I like to have a chicken? She lives on 92 acres and raises chickens and beef cattle, and I said to her, Ellen, I live in town, they don't allow chickens. She began to laugh and told me it was a dressed chicken from her freezer! It was my turn to laugh~and I told her I'd love to have a chicken! Later that afternoon she showed up at my door with a frozen chicken out of her freezer that she and her husband had dressed out just a few weeks before. I think it is one of the best birthday gifts I have ever recieved in my life! Who in the world thinks to give others a dressed chicken from their own farm for their birthday? I loved that gift! That gift fed my family a pot full of chicken & dumplings.
I remember sharing this story with my adult Sunday School class at church the next week as I was so excited about that gift, and they all looked at me as if I'd grown two heads!!! I felt sorry for all of them as they could not see the lovelyness of getting such a from-the-heart gift. My friend's husband was laid off and they still had 4 kids at home, so you see what a from-the-heart gift this truly was.
It's too bad most people can't see the simple gifts in life and appreciate them. I love fresh from the farm chickens as they make the best meals. I need to find another source that I can buy from regularly like I used to do from that old farmer/grocer. You've brought back many memories!
Enjoy your bird!

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