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Birthday gift ideas for a 14 year old boy?

Q. My son is turning 14, and he isn't giving out enough ideas for gifts. He has a laptop and an Xbox 360. He plays fighting/shooting games on them. We have 2 dogs, and he plays basketball, rides his bike, and plays on our trampoline. Please! I need ideas!

A. does he have an ipod touch? they're expensive, around two hundred dollars, but if you bought him one with a twenty five dollar gift card and some earphones he'd love you. if you consider this get skullcandy earphones, they're the best. im 14 and everyone has an ipod where i live; i got one last year and it was the best present i've ever gotten besides my ps3 and xbox.

if he doesn't have call of duty: black ops or mw3 you could get him that (though he probably already has it), but ask him if he likes it first. don't waste your money. another good game is assassin's creed 3 and elder scrolls: skyrim on xbox 360. this is my personal opinion but don't get mass effect 3 (a game that came out recently). the endings are terrible. dragonage 1 is a good game, but dragonage 2 is pretty bad. the whole entire time i tried to convince myself that its a good game like the previous but i just couldnt

anyways... i also have a dirtbike and longboard. those are mad fun, but dirtbikes are also like two hundred bucks. if he likes bikes consider a dirtbike or ask him about it

does he have a steam account (Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by Valve Corporation (o yea i just copied that right off wikipedia i got swag))? if he does get him a vanilla card and let him buy games on there. i just got metro 2033 and total war on pc and theyre awesome.

if he has a favorite basketball player or something, you could buy a fathead for your son (could be about 100 dollars). thatd be pretty funny if i woke up to a life size michael jordan or on my wall lol id be like damn when did that get there

if he has a favorite book series... check which ones he has and get him the next one. though maybe hes not really into books.

lastly... no kid would mind if u just gave him 100 bucks or a vanilla gift card with 100 bucks on it. that way he could buy anything on like, amazon or something he likes. it gives him choice, so its a great present.

oh, i forgot. if he likes southpark, or family guy, dvd sets are good. just anything of his favorite tv show. southpark ftw

good luck dude, im sure whatever u pick will be good mamacita

What to do for my sons first birthday? Theme and presents?
Q. My Sons First birthday is on may 13th and i've been racking my brain to figure out what to get him. He has a 3 year old sister so all of the cruising toys and pretty much all the toys she already has. Were doing big things this year like the sand box the driving cars but i wanted to get him a present to open on his birthday and than the bigger gifts for his birthday party. I have NO IDEA what to get for a boy. And the theme i can think of what to do for it.

A. i answered a question like this b4

hope this will help;_ylt=AtSSFUIYUM3n7UaduWq2Jo_ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080220054633AAQ6iI2&show=7#profile-info-d3c30c997a493d45035b45c61e8d3827aa

What's a cool, reasonably priced, non-cliche gift for a 3 year old boy who has a summer birthday?
Q. I'm sure everyone else will be getting him sand box toys, water guns and sidewalk chalk.

Any ideas in the $20 range for me?

A. Tee Ball set.

Sheets with his favorite character on them. Character towels - bath or beach - are also a big hit with my kid.

Soccer ball and net

a set of lacrosse sticks and a ball

A 3-wheeled scooter

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