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I need a gift Idea for a 75 year old man.?

Q. he is my auntie's cousin. His birthday is coming up and we want to get him something nice.
He has no wife or kids. It's just him. He seems to have everything.

A. To MC5, just shut up. lol

Dear Anna, give him an ipod with all his fav music on it, he'll love it, big style.

Birthday ideas for my 21 year old bf?!? His birthday is in 3 days!!!!?
Q. My boyfriend is turning 21 in 4 days and I haven't boughten him a gift yet. We are very serious about to have a baby together and our relationship is very good. We've been together for 6 years now. So I know he's going through alot of changes right now and he's been so great with everything I really just want him to know he matters, won't be forgotten, and can still have fun.

My plan is to spend around $200, so I know you guys don't know him, but besides alcohol what would u want for your 21st

Also I was thinking part of the gift would be to pay for his quad registration, I think it's like 75

Any ideas will help :))

No watches, he collects them and I can't afford his quality

No video games, I've bought him a lot already and he hardly plays them

He's kinda a spender so clothes and shoes are a no.

He's into cars and quads and motorcycles but I don't really know what to do with that. He's kinda turned into and old man work mon- fri 8-4:30 then pretty much just hangs out with me on the weekends. So I want to do something fun.

A. well if he likes to hunt you can go all out buy him some camo and maybe a cool gun i know my hubby would really like that or you could buy some sexy langrie an plan out a little skit i bet he would like that and you said your were about to have a baby i was pregnant with our little girl on his birthday and did something like that i had the whole set up with candles and a bubble bath with a following massage he loved most guys do though lol but if that doesnt work then i dont know my hasband is 28 so it might be different but the langrie thing would probably do it its fun and a great time to remember

Birthday gift ideas for 26 year old husband? Creative please!?
Q. He is a simple man, great sense of humor, mature, great provider, and never asks for anything. He is not publicly sensitive whatsoever, but he is definitely a huge closet romantic when it comes to me (when it comes to sex drive and romance, we have reversed roles). He takes care of me while I go to school full time, so the gift would have to be free or under $100 from money saved when I was working. I am very much willing to put a lot of work into the gift.

His birthday, Christmas, New Years, and our anniversary, are all within weeks of each other!

I know all the sex, head, massage, make a video, and dinner ideas already. Problem is, I cook all of our meals from scratch already, and we have some form of sex every time he is home. I also made him awesome coupons last year that he never gets to use because I regularly take care of his needs, including full body massages.

I want it to be special, and I know that he would not want me to spend money or anything.

If you are going to respond about sex, food, or massages, do not bother unless it is creative and unique.

Thank you!!!!

A. Ok Most of mine have to do with sex but are more creative. My husband liked them ( his birthday was last week)
- If you know is most unedited, dirty little fantasy you could do it it on his birthday. Its for the most part cheap. Personally my husbands is a street walker ( weird I know, but trust me Im sure he might have a strange one too), so I told him to meet me at night on the side of a street, I flagged him down. I was wearing typical hooker clothes and lend over on his car window ( Kinda like pretty women), I ask him if he was looking for a fun time. of course he said yes and I told him to tame me to a dinghy hotel I rented. And that was that. He had a lot of fun, maybe our guy might too.
- A day of sex. Last time my husband was mad at me I did this. I woke him up to a Bj, cooked breakfast in lingerie ( The really uncomfortable corset, he likes if so I decided to bust it out) fed it to him, basically this is a complete day of pampering and sex. Its not necessarily intended to get you off. I simply took care of him, No talking, no nothing. Just sex, and more pampering.
- You should take a naughty dance class. I was planning on doing this for our anniversary. My YMCA has a class It cost 75 for 4 weeks. You can give him a great treat by a professional lap dance. You could spend the rest on a sexy costume. Its really the gift that keeps on giving
- You could get him a nice watch, try this site. They has a lot of designer ones but they offers cheeper prices on the close out items.
- you can rent a karma sutra book from the library. Just make if the best sex of his life. This is another gift that keeps giving. If you buy one you can let him pick out all of the things he wants to try. I gave my husband one when we got married. I bought 5 different ones. He was like a kid in the candy store. He couldn't pick want him wanted first. Blow his socks off, put him in a coma. Do what ever he wants, he will practically paralyzed when he is finished but its great.
- I have given my husband a gift card to Fredrick's once. He loved it. Or you can buy it yourself and put on a show. I would head for the clearance section, more bang for your buck.
- If you have a extra room in your house you can make it a man cave. If you wan to do if for under 100 it will take a lot of work. You can find furniture from friends and family. Ask them to donate the stuff they dont want anymore. You can always reaposter it ( if you know how), and get some nice games. If you have an old tv or something you can put it in there. Paint chairs ask your mom and mother in law to help. Im sure they wouldn't mind if they have the time. My husband made me a craft room, I cant tell you how wonderful I felt knowing he had put so much time into it.

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