Friday, April 12, 2013

What to get a 40 year old guy for birthday gift?

Q. My very good male friend is turning 40, I have no clue what to get a 40 yr old man. Any ideas?

A. a beer stein

Any suggestions for a birthday gift for a 40 year old man?
Q. He is my good friend's husband. It is his 40th birthday party on Saturday. I have no clue what to get for his gift. He does not drink or smoke, lives a comfortable life, and is employed as a wholesale fitness equipment sales manager.
Any good ideas for a gift....gag gift or serious.
I welcome all suggestions.

A. How about the movie; '40 yr old virgin'. That ought to get a laugh.

What to give a 19 year old girl for her birthday?
Q. My friend is having a birthday soon and I need to give her a gift. The problem: I have no idea. Brainstorming session is in place. Oh and I'm looking at spending around $20-$40.

A. probably a card and a teddy bear. have fun man.

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