Saturday, June 1, 2013

What should I get a going to be 17 year old girl for her birthday?

Q. I'm looking for something to get a 17 year old girl. She's kind of a perfectionist and is looking at colleges currently. I have no idea what to get her, and she doesn't know what she wants for her birthday.

A. Perhaps a really nice leather bound journal for keeping her thoughts in as she makes the transition to college? There are some really nice journals out there that make really great gifts.

Higher end:

Lower end but still nice:

Another idea is a bag from Vera Bradley. I am at school right now and these bags are major here. They are great: versatile, useful, durable, and most importantly gorgeous. Most any girl would love one of these. I know I would! :)

What should I get my girlfriend for her birthday?
Q. She will be turning 20 and we've been going out for a little under 2 years, I'm terrible with getting people gifts so I have no clue, she'll be spending the weekend with me at my fraternity house (we go to different colleges) and I want to not only get her something but plan the whole weekend for her, and its gonna be on a tight budget, any ideas on what to get and what to do would be awesome! thanks!

A. diamonds are a girls best friend! plus, if she wears it all the time, all the college guys at her college will back

What should I get my bf for his birthday?
Q. We known each for 6 months or so but have become "offical" like a month ago. I'm having trouble because hes birthday is coming up and college is about to restart so I may be busy. He loves books and american eagle so I thought about giving him a gift card. Would that be okay? He joked around about me dressing like schoolgirl but I'm pretty sure he was just playing.

A. from a guys point of view dressing up like a school girl is a idea, gift cards take no thought but they are a good gift, personally i like it when my g/f makes me things. she makes me bday and valentine day cards. Get him something that no one else will think of like concert tickets to a band he likes, but dont go overboard because you haven't been together that long.

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