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Birthday gift ideas for a 57 year old woman?

birthday gift ideas 30 year old woman
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Okay so its my one of my closest friends birthday coming up soon (30th December) she is going to be 57 and I have no idea what to get her, what do you get for a 57 year old who refuses to tell me what she wants as she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday, I don't have a huge budget as it is near to christmas as well but I am willing to spend up to 30 pounds on her, please help!!

Give her a gift with a photo of the two of you on it. There are a lot of options at

Can someone help me finding the perfect present for a very good friend of mine?


Well she is gonna be 32 and her favorite color as she mention to me is black. Her style is casual. I want something not too much expensive lets say around 50 euros is around 71 dollars. I run out of thoughts of what to get her I thought a lil bit of everything.... but I really want to buy her something that will amazed her

This site has some comical ideas, such as a magazine or newspaper from the time she was born:
This site suggests aromatherapy, which is a good choice b/c it is popular among many types of people :)
This site also has creative ideas, such as a "Martini Backpack":
This last site has some ideas with descriptions that are within your price range:

Best of luck, and hope this helps!

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