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How to throw a surprise 18th birthday party in college?

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Any good ideas?? I go to USC in Los Angeles so any places around there, or we could do it in a dorm also. What can I do?

Email everyone an invitation to a toga party with a few pics on how to dress--or another theme. Depends on sex of birthday person and their interests and also quantity of guests. Ask a few people to help supply finger foods....chicken fingers, meat patties, mini quiche, wings, sausage puffs, crab or spinach dip or hummous & pita, cookies, cookies...birthday cake or cupcakes. A large peach punch...with or without alcohol, is more cost effective. You don't need a punch bowl...just juice pitchers from the dollar store and paper cups. Don't forget napkins and little plates and forks if there's cake. Everyone should take on a little responsibilty and chip in effort and you can coordinate the details and ask all communication to be through email/text, so that the birthday person is kept surprised. Have a couple of people on decoration detail. Even a couple of simple decorations can look festive. Buy a large birthday card which gets passed around in advance so that all well-wishers can sign it, plus some type of gag gift with an amusing, personalized story behind it to present in front of everyone. Have a person be in charge of music. Give a couple of pointers to each person in charge of their respective tasks, so they have some direction in what's expected. Have everyone send you a text/email, a day in advance assuring you that everything is fine and on schedule. Don't let anyone drive if they are tipsy. Check the party area and clear it of valuables, fragile items, loose rugs, and any other hazards. Warn students who could affected by the noise so they can opt to study elsewhere. Buy ice for the drinks and keep in a cooler.

What should I do for my friends 18th birthday?


I'm 17 years old, and live in Los Angeles and my friends 18th birthday is coming up next week.
So far the best idea we've come up with was Disneyland, but we've been there SO many times before, and it's also not the most feasible idea. Plus, I want her 18th to be spectacular and out of the ordinary, not just the typical "amusement park" birthday. Any ideas?
*Keep in mind we have a relatively low budget.*

give her 18 wonderful gifts related to different things like friendship,love,romance, family, happy, sad, etc.........and don't forget to explain her how they mean.......or else 12 gifts indicating 12 months in a year........up to her next B'day.

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