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Best birthday gift ideas for a 11 year old boy?

birthday gift ideas 11 year old boy
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It's for my brother he is turning 11 and has Down syndrome. I want to give him the ultra best gift, that any 11 year old could get.
He loves the world, like as in travel and learning about different countries, which he formed from a young age when I told him about all the different places in the world that I will take him and showed him that Where we live isn't the own place that people live.
We also kick the football or play sport every night but mostly football since it's is favourite.
I am 5 years old then him, which makes me 16 but I want to make this his best birthday present from me.
Our dad died before he was born, so I guess I have always played the dad roll and taught him how to play football and all that guy stuff (well to a extent.)
Any ideas?

Awww yeaaaah. A hooker. That would make his birthday unforgettable! Lol jk take him to cedar point or Disney land. Not enough cash? Take him to a nature hike then have all his friends and family waiting for him somewhere for a big surprise party. That would be awesome! Maybe get a clown or magician if you can afford it.

Party ideas for a 11 year old girls birthday!?


Ok my sister is turning 11 on the 12th and we have no idea what to do for her birthday party she is not a girly girl so nothing girly like makeup and facials and stuff somthing that a boy and girl will enjoy. I know she doesnt want it at home. And shes inviting about 8-10 friends and the budget is 100 $ please help and the party need to last about 2-3 hours!

Why not something simple like going to the movies first then to a pizza place and open gifts there and having cake? We do this and it's a lot of fun. Most all kids like movies and pizza! You can do little extras on the side if money permits.
Depending on how many kids you have, this should be under $100. Especially if you make the cake at home and go to the matinee movies.

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