Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birthday gift ideas for 16 year old boy?

birthday gift ideas 16 year old boy
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So in 2 weeks time it's my best friend's birthday & I'm a little short on ideas of what to get him. My female friends are so much easier to buy for!
So I'm open to any ideas really (genuine ideas only though please!)
Also I'm willing to spend a little but within reason (considering I'm 15, unemployed & still in school)
Thanks very much!

Food! Food! Nothing says ' You're an awesome friend ' better than some homemade brownies or cookies. That was my favorite gift when i was 16 was food haha

What should I get my 16 year old brother for his birthday?


Hes really into music but downloads it legally so an itunes gift card is a no. He's kind of into clothes but he's really hard to buy clothes for. He's not into sports but he's just a typical teenage boy who likes going out every night. I cant get him anything really expensive but I don't want to get him a cheap crappy thing. Any ideas would be great, thanks :) x

Give him $ for his birthday, Check maybe if hes into Electronics like Ipods, thats if he has one..

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