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What do you buy a 75 year old man for his birthday?

birthday gift ideas 75 year old man
 on Gift Ideas for a 77 Year Old Male
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Corbin's M

My step-grandpa is really hard to buy for. He is really sick and can't do much physical work. Please help!!!

so many good ideas that others have mentioned like 75 m & m's, or even 12 (7+5) if 75 becomes overwhelming. videos a great idea. does he have a special interest like sports-baseball(if he's a sox or yankee fan there's tons). a good board game? How about getting family history from him and making a little scrapbook/story? get him to talk about his parents/grandparents, find some pix and write a story and give him that. you are so thoughtful and I'm sure spending time and talking with him is the greatest gift an older person could receive. My mom is elderly so I know. As far as the "inconsiderate clods" that gave you what they feel are humorous answers, ignore them.

I'm Soooo Angry With My Dad,I feel awful for my grandad. I need answers QUICK!?


So its my grandads 79th birthday today, hes not a active golfy winer and diner kind of guy but hes aware of whats happening and can look after himself - what you'd expect from a 75 year old man. Either way its his birthday today, so me, my dad, my uncle, my auntie and my two cousins (8 and 12) are meeting up in the pub for a drink and a meal. Thats Fine.My Dad Hasnt Got a present for him yet and were meeting in a hour, so ive been frantically thinking of home made ideas to do. I read one about painting a terra cotta pot and putting cookies, bannana bread and small gifts in it. I asked if we had one to paint and he said yes, so i explained what we could do.He said what would we put in it though? I said we could buy cookies etc. And he said hes not going out now before we go. I said well what are we gunna do then?He said he wasnt getting him anything untill tommorow/ a few days.I feel awful,I know he wont be expecting a huge present or anything but its his birthday! Should I Be Mad?
Just Incase It Changes Things Iam 12 - 13 in March And A Girl.
My Cousins and uncle have got him something.

Write him a letter!!!!!! This is probably one of the nicest things to receive from a grandchild. Let him know how much you love him and appreciate him. Talk in the letter about some fun/sad/silly times you had together. People, whether they admit it or not, love to get letters. It is the gift that keeps on giving....Your Grandpa can read this over and over as many times as he wants and he'll smile everytime. You seem to have a really big heart and it's nice to hear kids act in this manner with so much concern about someone other than themselves. Now write that letter :)

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