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birthday present ideas for a 29 year old woman?

birthday gift ideas 80 year old women
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she works a lot and doesn't have a boyfriend. she's one of my wife's best friends. I have a day to get her something. would like to spend no more than 60 or 80 bucks. I'm drawing a blank! thanks.

A gift cert. to a day spa, she would love it.

can anyone help with a cruise checklist?


I am going on a cruise to the bahamas and i'm pretty sure i would run out of ideas before it docks back home. so i am asking anyone to come up with a checklist of 101 things to do on a cruise!!! Craziness is ultimately accepted!!! and for anyone who knows. it is the Carnival Sensation.

1. Swimming pool, and hot tubs
2. jump on the beds
3. be really awkward in the elevator
4. eat pizza at midnight
5. run through the halls wildly
6. go to the teen clubs
7. make 20 new friends
8. creep out one small child, a 12 year old girl, and a old man
9. pretend to be a statue
10. Browse the gift shops
11. go to the ports
12. make sandcastles at the beach
13. skinny dip
14. climb a tree
15. pretend it's your birthday and make the staff sing to you, then after say it was last week
16. make your own towel animals ;)
17. eat a really awkward food dish at dinner
18. try catching fish
19. draw a pretty picture
20. play pin the tail on the donkey
21. eat lots of ice-cream till you throw up
22. don't kill yourself xD
23.get 7 peoples numbers
24. find a person from mexico
25. sun tan
26. enter a contest
27. take lots of pictures
28. listen to music
29. memorize what on each deck
30. find cabins 320, 412, and 113 and knock on their door
31. go to the spa
32. go on a tour
33. read a book
34. sleep in
35. have a shower
36. style your hair in an awesome way
37. try to find a whale
38. Find a bald man (or woman) and ask to rub his (or her) head
39. do back flips in the lobby
40. balance a cup on your head for more then thirty seconds while walking around
41. randomly dance in the hallway
42. drink tons of soda
43. brush your teeth
44. make a song and sing it by the pool
45. tell a girl she is beautiful
46. tell a guy he is handsome
47. slide down a railing
48. find a penny
49. get 35 hugs from 35 diffrent people
50. use the bathroom
51. do the thriller dance
52. laugh hysterically over nothing
53. Find a banana and eat it
54. Give someone a banana and make them eat it
55. eat an exotic fruit
56. find someone from your hometown, or state/province
57. walk down the halls drunk/ pretending to be drunk
58. give someone a tip ( money )
59. give someone a tip ( advice)
60. act like a mime
61. watch a performance
62. act lika a spy/secret agent
63. do a cartwheel
64. Fake an accent when greeting someone
65. Stay up for 24 hours
66. watch t.v.
67. go from the bottom level to the top level, holding your breath
68. wear your clothes backwards and see if anyone notices
69. sulk in a corner
70. keep a diary
71. talk backwards
72. remake a scene from titanic
74. pretend ur doing misson impossible
75. kill a fly
76. wear your life jacket around the boat
77. pretend ur on a plane
78. Sing twinkle twinkle little star
79. sing a duet with someone
80. take lots of pictures
81. make up a fake name
82. draw yourself a moustache
83. paint your nails
84. be fashionable late
85. cannonball into the pool
86. "accidentally" drink salt water
87. sleep in the elevator
88. sleep during the day, and wake around the ship at night
89. give someone a shoe shine
90. yawn alot
91. make a paper crane and give it to the staff
92. play tic tac toe
93. get someone to play truth or dare with you
94. ask to eat your food with chopsticks
95. go on the water slide
96. Go to the internet cafe and e-mail someone
97. play golf
98. get a hole in one
99.trip when walking infront of a ton of people
100. have fun
101. don't get kicked off the ship

hopefully u appreciate this because it took me a LONG time to write, e-mail me and tell me how much u accually go done haha xD have fun on your cruise. My e-mail is

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