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Birthday ideas for my wife for her 30th birthday?

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James L

I want to make my wifes 30th birthday very special. I'm blanking on ideas though. I have until October to figure it out. Any awesome ideas?
We just recently had our one year anniversary and we did a day at the Spa for couples so that is out. Great idea but just did it. Looking for an idea that will make her think back 25 years from now and go "That was was the stuff of legends!" She deserves it!

WOW! With a thoughtful husband like you I am sure that her birthday will be spectacular no matter where you end up......

I am turning 30 next summer, so from personal oppinion here are the top five ideas......#4 and #5 are my ultimate favorites because they are a little more unique!

1.) Tickets to a great band that you might not usually splurge on.
2.) A weekend away together, doesnt have to be expensive a road trip to a bed and breakfast or nearby city would be just fine.
3.) A surprise party with friends and family waiting at her favorite restaurant.
4.) A "lock-in" just the two of you in your home, Have one of her friends get her out of the house for a few hours so that you can stock it with bubble baths candles and fluffy towels in bathroom, get her favorite snacks, have ingredients to cook her favorite meals, rent her favorite movies, buy silly board games, things like that so the two of you can shut off phones and lock doors, dim the lights and have your own private cave for the weekend.
5.) "A Wine Cellar Party", buy her a wine cooler for your house as a birthday gift, then invite all your friends over for a party and have them each bring a bottle of wine to help fill her new wine cooler. (Good yet reasonably priced coolers can be found lots of places these days like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or even Lowes Hardware)

What are some very good and fun ideas for a female 30th birthday.?

Derrick P

I want to take my wife out for her 30th birthday in atlanta but i need some help on places to take her. I already have a restaurant to take her to but i want a fun filled night with passion and fun for her to remember. With out going broke.. Even though she is worth it!

I will be in Atlanta for her joyous event, please help..

Aww that's so sweet! Maybe you can schedule a couples massage at a spa with champagne and strawberries and if you have a hotel room, decorate it with flowers and rose petals and have a hot bath waiting after the massage! I know its her birthday but you're spending time together and its "sensual" :-) I'm not sure if they have carriage rides in Atlanta since i've only been once for a weekend but that would be really sweet too! Or....if you have time to put thought into it plan a scavenger hunt for her with a bunch of little gifts at each stop and you can be with her....

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